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Pontnewydd Primary School

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The Bloggers

Hello! Welcome to our blog page!


We learnt about William Frost. William Frost was the first to fly a plane that flew 500 meters. For Welsh Week We also learnt about Saint David. Kealan and Charlie

We were learning about Edgar Evans. He was the first person to travel to the South Pole. He was a sea man traveling around the world. He was our person for welsh week. We ate welsh cakes on Friday.

Last week it was Welsh Week we wrote a poem called `Wales Is' about Welsh cakes. Aiden, and Harley

Jake A W

This week we did body biography in English. Also we did science were we had to do an investigation on spinners. We read most of the book called The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Then after math we did mind full drawing

We have been learning about the Canterville ghost. Sir Simon killed his wife . Every day there was a blood stain on the carpet. Aiden, Harley


Last week Dosbarth Pembroke were looking at Stuart portraits. It was interesting to look at Stuart portraits. Also we looked at Stuart houses

Harley Athay & Harvey Lewis

We have been writing about Sir Simon the Centerville ghost. We read the whole book finally.
Kalan and Charlie


Last week we learnt about conductors and insulators. Conductors are things like metal that let electricity currents through. Insulators don't let electricity through. We learnt about taking away with money. We learnt how to light a light bulb. U get a battery, wires, and a light bulb and connect the wire to the battery and connect the wire to the light bulb.


Last week we did art. We wrote a paragraph about a portrait that was painted in the Stuarts time. We also did music we were successful at keeping a steady beat. Toby and Kye


Last week we did subtracting and borrowing and it was slightly hard. Toby and Kye


We have been learning about Clockwork the book. We are describing the village and the tavern. We have been doing a portrait about Queen Victoria .
Keane and Isaac.


On Thursday we went to a football tournament. We took two teams one of us got to the quarter final but we lost. The other team didn't get out of the group stage we both tried really hard. We played hockey and we were dribbling the ball and we used a real hockey stick and a tennis ball.

Jake. A and Declan .T


We have been learning to power a light. We only had crocodile clips and a battery. We tried to power the light bulb with paper pen and sharpener a compass and only metal things worked like a sharpener and the metal compass.

Keane and Isaac


In maths we have been looking at time like half past and quarter past and ten two.
Aiden Appleby

Harley Gilmore

Are main topic is the land of fathers. Are real topic is about the four purposes.

In Year 3 we have been creating volcanoes and painting them in black and red and brown then we watched it explode. Aiden and Harley


On Friday we built a stretcher in groups of 5 or 6 we used cutting saw, glue gun, clamp and paper and cardboard
Class Tenby
Oliver and Riley

On Friday we all built a stretcher and we had to get it ready for some Microsoft workers that are coming in .we used wood cardboard and a saw we also cut the wood into little paces we used glue to stick it together we used hot glue but the teacher had to use the hot glue gun we really enjoyed it

Declan and Jake .a


Last week Dosbarth Pembroke were doing an investigation on teeth so we used eggs as a representation of teeth. We put eggs with different liquids such as coca cola, milk , water, energy drink and orange juice. We will look for any changes

Harvey& Harley A


We have been building a wooden car it came with a motor and it was very hard and it was based on a buggy it was fun.

Keane Gooding

Lastweek we did 3D shapes and we did a times tables test. Aiden and Harley


We hOur parents came over to the school and looked at all work about Argentina. We showed off all our work about Argentina like our instruments and our black topic book work about Argentina. Even our parents had a go at it and they were very good better than us.
By Kye Bonnell

ad parents open day to share all the work we have done about Argentina. We did Argentine brochures and masks. We said some facts about different parts which we know about Argentina

Harvey Lewis


Our parents came in to look at our school project on Australia that was literacy. Then we went around the school to look at other children's productions. In maths we have been learning about 3D shapes and the faces edges and vertic