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Pontnewydd Primary School

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Read, Write, Inc.

Read, Write, Inc. is a system developed by Ruth Miskin to teach phonics to young children. We use it throughout the Foundation Phase and to support teaching in the Junior department.


Children begin by learning the 'Simple Speed Sounds' and move onto the 'Complex Sounds'. Each time a new sound is learnt they have more and more words that they can read and write independently. The scheme teaches reading, letter formation, sounding out unknown words using sound knowledge and strategies and encourages children to read and write independently. Pupils use 'Fred Talk' to work out unknown words with the help of Fred the Frog. Once the children know enough of the sounds they begin to follow the book and activities on the Read, Write, Inc. scheme. Children are regularly assess and regrouped according to their ability. This way each child works at their pace and level.


We use lots of praise throughout the programme and you might hear your children coming up with some strange 'silent cheers' or 'marshmallow claps'! The teaching is reinforced by children working with a partner to consolidate their knowledge and support each other with help and praise.


To find out more about the Read, Write, Inc. programme please click on the link below.


Read Write Inc Parent Information