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Pontnewydd Primary School

Meithrin, Ysbrydoli, CyflawniNurture, Inspire, Achieve



Our new curriculum has more emphasis on equipping our pupils for life.

It has been designed to build on their ability to learn new skills and to apply their subject knowledge more positively and creatively in more authentic ways.


Our new curriculum has four purposes that will help our children to be:

• Ambitious, capable learners, ready to learn through their lives.

• Enterprising, creative contributors, ready to play full part in life and work.

• Ethical informed citizens of Wales and the World.

• Healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives.


The new curriculum has six areas of learning (AoLE):

• Expressive Arts

• Health and Wellbeing

• Humanities

• Language and Literacy

• Mathematics and Numeracy

• Science and Technology


The curriculum is underpinned by three core skills.

These are:

• Literacy

• Numeracy

• Digital Competency


Our Approach to Learning

At Pontnewydd Primary School we use a variety of teaching and learning styles, we use a thematic approach whereby each term we focus on a whole school topic directed by pupil voice. Similarly, in class, children will sometimes learn in groups, independently or from each other.


Other Activities

We provide a wide variety of sporting, social and cultural activities. Sports include football, rugby, cricket, rounders, netball and hockey, golf and tennis. Other pursuits include art, recorders, drama, choir, outdoor education and working with computers. The clubs are chosen through pupil voice. We arrange regular visits to support the children’s learning and other places of interest and performing groups also visit us at the school. We also offer peripatetic music lessons.


Relationships and Sexual Education

The school’s policy on RSE is part of our Health and Wellbeing curriculum. The RSE policy is available on request.


Religion Values and Ethics

The emphasis is to teach children about the diverse range of beliefs. The children are taught empathy, compassion, respect and tolerance towards others and their beliefs.


Developing Our School

The school has a three year development plan which is aimed at raising standards and is reviewed annually. Each year as a school we evaluate what has gone well, and what needs further development and these priorities are used to form the next year’s development plan.

As part of raising standards each teacher sets targets for individual children in their class.

Children in years two to six undertake Welsh Government Personalised Assessments (National Tests) annually.