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Pontnewydd Primary School

Meithrin, Ysbrydoli, CyflawniNurture, Inspire, Achieve






Dear Parents/ Guardians, 

This letter contains important information about your child’s learning during the Spring term. The children have adjusted to being back to school in their class bubbles. We are very pleased and  proud of them all. Thet are coping very well with full days. 

As you already know, we follow the ‘Donaldson’ Curriculum for Wales. This curriculum is split into 6 Areas of Learning, consisting of Language, Literacy and Communication (including Welsh), Mathematical Development, Humanities, Health and Well-being, Science and Tech and Expressive Arts. 

Our topic this term is ‘Cynefin’, which means ‘Belonging’. In Nursery we will look at how we belong to our families, our school, our community and the wider world. Below is an outline of our planning across the areas of learning. 



Our focus  this term is to continue to develop the children's basic skills in this area of learning, including opportunities to practise and develop their speaking and listening, fine motor skills, use of froggy fingers and introduce them to RWI (phonic sounds). We will also complete oracy and written tasks relating to our topic, ‘Cynefin’. In March, we will celebrate World Book Day, where the children can come to school dressed as their favourite character from a storybook. The children experience a fun day of activities based around stories, with the aim to develop a love of reading. 



The children will be learning to greet one another and use vocabulary such as Bore da, Pryhawn da and Nos da. Later in the term, we will be learning to ask where someone is or something is, using Ble mae..? The Spring term is when we hold our annual ‘Welsh week’, where the children will learn about Welsh heritage. 



Our overall focus this term is to continue to develop the children’s understanding of numbers, including number rhymes, counting by rote, touch counting, recognising and  ordering numbers and counting in different ways. We will also learn the names of basic shapes/a further variety of shapes and their properties. 



In History, we will be looking at changes in schools and ourselves over time, using appropriate vocabulary. We will again revisit how we belong to our families and our school. In RE, we will learn about The Sabbath and the Good Samaritan. 


Health and Well-being 

This term we will continue to learn through our Four Purpose characters; Ambitious Aled, who always tries his best and sets himself goals, Healthy Harri, who makes sure he stays healthy by looking after himself and eating lots of the right kinds of foods, Ethical Eleri, who  always tries to be kind and do the right thing; she looks after places, people and animals, and Enterprising Elen, who is great at solving problems and comes up with great ideas. The children will continue with Yoga, dance Zumba and Mindfulness activities. We will move onto ways of travelling and dance. We will also have lots of circle times to discuss our feelings and thoughts. We will learn about healthy relationships through the Torfaen resource: Spectrum. 


Science and Tech

The children will learn all about materials used to make objects around them. They will learn about different sources of light and how to make shadows. We will investigate  magnetic/non-magnetic objects.  


Expressive Arts 

The children will develop their creative skills through music, dance, role-play and within our creative area. Throughout the topic, they will use a variety of medium to communicate their experiences and observations and explore natural resources. 


Class Dojo:

I will be using Class Dojo to communicate important information, and to give you a snapshot of what is going on in the classroom with pictures of the children taking part in various activities (providing that you have given consent for your child to be photographed) As per our school policy,  please note that Class Dojo must not be used to report  absences, instead please phone the office to report your child’s absence. Class Dojo is  available between the hours of 8am and 5pm weekdays. 


We operate an open door policy, so please do not hesitate to come and speak to me at pick-up/ drop-offs should you have a concern or query. 

MIT (My Improvement Time): 

Every week we have MIT Time, and we are working towards their learning goal. We will be placing emphasis on being resilient and persevering even when we find things difficult. Your child’s learning goals will be shared with you via Dojo soon; this will enable you to practice their targets at home. 


HWB is a fantastic resource for the children to use. We will continue to  involve HWB into our lessons.  You should have received your child’s HWB login details which you can use to access Hwb at home. 

Packed lunches:

We are part of the healthy schools initiative, so we kindly ask that packed lunches are balanced and are nut-free due to allergies. Also, please can you make sure that all belongings, including bottles and lunch boxes are labelled with your child’s name. 

Social Media: 

You can also follow the school Twitter page @PontnewyddSch or join the school’s Facebook group - ‘Pontnewydd Primary and Nursery School - Official Group’.



Nursery Team 






Here you will find out about Mrs Taylor's and Miss Millinship's Nursery (Dosbarth Casnewydd).



Welcome to our Nursery at Pontnewydd Primary School. We have lots of lovely lessons planned to welcome the children into Nursery and we hope your child will enjoy coming to Nursery every day.  

Our P.E. day is a Friday. Please, could you send in children wearing suitable sports clothes and shoes each Friday.  Sometimes our sessions will be outside so a hoodie/jumper would also be beneficial once the weather gets colder.

We do spend a great deal of time outside in Nursery; either in our outdoor area or exploring our school grounds.  Please ensure that children have a coat with a hood when the weather is cold/wet, a hat/sun cream when the weather is hot/sunny, and wellies may also be valuable if the ground is wet or muddy. Please label all items sent in. Also, it would be great if you could provide a change of clothes in a bag on your child’s peg in case of little ‘accidents’, even if your child is usually dry, sometimes they still need changing after an over-enthusiastic session at the water tray!

During the first half term (alongside our teaching) we aim to settle, nuture, develop basic skills and further develop children’s well-being through a range of activities. We will be assessing children using the Foundation Phase Profiles from the Welsh Assembly Government. This is done nationally across all Nurseries and Receptions to give us an idea of where each child is starting from. This is nothing to worry about and will be done through observations of your child’s play and tasks. The results will help us to know where we can best help your child with their learning and will be shared with you in our first parents’ evening in October.

Our topic this term is ‘Planed Berfaith’ which means ‘Perfect Planet’ . Below is the outline of what your children will learn in all the areas of learning.  

“ Together we will embark on building a curriculum that embraces four key purposes, supporting children and young people. “

The children will learn about these through our four characters. The children will be taught to be like:

  • Ambitious Aled someone who is a capable learners ready to learn throughout their lives;
  • Enterprising Elen, someone who is a creative contributor, ready to play a full part in life and work;
  • Ethical Eleri, someone who is an informed citizen of Wales and the world; and
  • Healthy Harri, someone who is a confident individual, ready to lead fulfilling lives as a valued member of society.

Six Areas of Learning and Experience: 

  • Languages, Literacy and Communication 
  • Mathematics and Numeracy 
  • Expressive Arts 
  • Humanities 
  • Health and Well-being 
  • Science and Technology 

Below is an outline of what we will be covering in each of the areas from now until Christmas.

Language, Literacy and Communication
During these sessions, we will be encouraging children to develop their language skills further e.g listening, speaking and mark making. Lots of practical, relevant, purposeful and fun activities. We will also be following the ‘Read, Write Inc.’ programme where we will be learning sounds and blends.  After October half term, we will be focussing on one sound a week, which will be on the Nursery website page should you wish to practice at home.  We will also be practising/learning to take control with marks made, making purposeful marks and speaking about our marks made. We will learn to follow simple patterns including our names. Every other Monday we will be talking about our ‘news’ – during this lesson, we will be ‘writing/mark making’ about something that we did over the weekend.  To begin with, we will be mark making but as we learn letters, we will be trying to use them in our work.  We will also share lots of stories and nursery rhymes.

In our Welsh work this term we will be learning basic commands and greetings. We will also learn how to answer the register in Welsh using the term ‘yma’ (‘here’). We will be finding out how to ask and answer simple questions such as ‘pwy wyt ti?’ (‘who are you?’) and ‘sut wyt ti?’ (‘how are you?’) as well as learning some Welsh songs and looking at Welsh storybooks to support our learning. 

Mathematical Development and Numeracy
In this area, we will be practising our counting this term. I would like children to count by rote, touch count and take part singing numbers songs and rhymes. We will be beginning to learn some basic numbers and practise making the number shapes. We will also be looking at patterns and how we can re-create them. Finally, we will be looking at data handling and will collaboratively make a graph. 

Expressive Arts
At Nursery, we are very creative, and we will be exploring a variety of media in different ways.  There will be lots of opportunities for the children to make their own creations, as well as more guided activities showing them how to use the equipment more effectively.  We have a variety of creative resources that are always available for pupils to access.  We will also be learning lots of nursery rhymes, number rhymes and Harvest/Christmas songs throughout the term and exploring some musical instruments and clapping rhythms. 


This area forms the main part of our topic. The children will be able to learn more about the lovely area we live in, the school and local community they play a part of. We will also start to learn about other important areas in our planet, such as our pets, farm animals, the weather and different climates. We will be looking at where we live on a map. Also, we will take a tour of our school making observation and talking about what we see. In Religious Education, we will be learning about Noah’s Ark and Mohammed and the spider. 


We will also be celebrating Harvest (both Christian and the Jewish Sukkot), Bonfire Night and of course Christmas; finding out why we celebrate each of these and the traditions from this country.

Health and Well-being
A huge emphasis will be to settle and nuture the children. To begin the term we will be going over basic skills, modelling and encouraging children to take part. We will also be concentrating on encouraging sharing and mixing with other pupils (sharing, turn-taking etc.) as well as making new friends. In relation to our topic, we will be talking about ways of being healthy. In our Health and Well Being sessions, we will be taking part in yoga and mindfulness activities. 

We have our P.E. sessions on a Friday where we will focus our physical skills but there will be lots of opportunities throughout the week to improve our skills.  This term we will be concentrating on using a variety of different equipment to develop our skills as well as using our bodies to travel in different ways and create different shapes 

Science and Technology 

In this area, we will be learning about different animals that we share our ‘Perfect Planet’ with. We will look at where and how they live. We will link our homeland of Wales and make welsh cakes as part of food technology. We will encourage children to make ‘bug hotels’ to invite our local wildlife. We plan to encourage children to use the I-pads and computer to create images/take photos and add their names to a piece of digital work. The children will be encouraged to later design and make a sleigh for Santa in the lead up to Christmas.  


We have lots planned for this term and we will have lots of fun too!  It will be wonderful to return to school life in a more ‘back to normal’ way in the Autumn Term. We are eager for it to be a very happy start for the children. Each child will be allocated a Hwb e-mail address which we will give to you shortly. In the event of another Lockdown we will be setting work for you and your children to access on this Hwb site. Please feel free to explore the site and become familiar with it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask myself or a member of the Nursery staff. The Nursery page on the ‘Children’s Area’ of the school website for continued up to date information about what we are doing in Nursery and events. If you haven’t done so already, please register on the website ( to receive emails to let you know when the pages have been updated. You can also follow the school Twitter page @PontnewyddSch or join the school’s Facebook group - ‘Pontnewydd Primary and Nursery School - Official Group’.

Mrs Taylor (Morning Nursery Teacher), Mrs Millinship (Afternoon Nursery Teacher), Mrs Watkins (Nursery L.S.A.), Mrs Hoskings (Nursery L.S.A.), Mrs Heron (Nursery LSA)