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Pontnewydd Primary School

Meithrin, Ysbrydoli, CyflawniNurture, Inspire, Achieve


Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice Groups


The school has a very active pupil voice community.


These include:


School Council consists of one elected member of each class from Y2 to Y6. The Head Boy and Girl and Deputy Head Boy and Girl represent the two classes with the youngest children. The Council meets at least twice a term. The Deputy Headteacher and a Governor attend. The members of the Council are encouraged to bring matters of importance from the children in the classes to the meetings and these are discussed and actions set and shared.


Learning Leads consist of one child from each class from Y2 to Y6. Their role and responsibilities include observing learning within their classroom and sharing ways to improve learning to their peers.


Criw Cymraeg consists of two groups of children, one in foundation phase and one in key stage two. Children meet to discuss the development of Welsh across the school.


Digital Leaders consists of two children from each class who work on developing digital skills across the school.


School Nutrition Action Group consists of one child from each class Y2 to Y6 who work alongside their classmates to share information on being a healthy school.


Heddlu Bach are children chosen from Y5 and Y6 to support the safety of children in our school and the areas around our local community.


Eco Warriors consist of children from each class from key stage two who support the development of school being an environmentally friendly school.