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Pontnewydd Primary School

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day


Dosbarth Pembroke

Dosbarth Pembroke
Here you will find out about Miss Meyer's Dosbarth Pembroke.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome back to a new and exciting term ahead for your child!

The whole school this term will be learning under the topic `Rugby World Cup'.

Year 4 will be looking at the country of Argentina .

Below is the outline of what your children will learn in all the subject areas. In our first week, we will also be having a `Learning to Learn week' where we will be focussing on the elements of the four purposes embedded throughout the curriculum.

"The teaching profession must now play a central role in delivering the new curriculum. Together we will embark on building a curriculum that embraces four key purposes, supporting children and young people to be:
° Ambitious, capable learners ready to learn throughout their lives;
° Enterprising, creative contributors, ready to play a full part in life and work;
° Ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world; and
° Healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society.

These key purposes will be taught at the beginning of every term. They will then be built upon each year focusing on different aspects of each purpose.


Language, Literacy and Communication
This term year 4 will be studying the genres of narrative and persuasive writing . Our class book this term is `Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. We will look at its structure and write stories of our own. We will create a holiday brochure for Argentina and produce group adverts.


The children will continue to develop their incidental welsh within their daily routine The children will have the opportunity to read a range of welsh books. There will be a particular focus on speaking and writing in the past tense.


Mathematics and Numeracy
This term will be number heavy. We will be looking at reading, writing and comparing numbers up to 10, 000. We will work on place value, addition and subtraction methods. We will focus on times tables up to 6x. We will use and manage money.

We will interpret and represent data in particular through line graphs this term.

The children will be studying Argentina as part of the `World Cup' whole school topic:
They will:
° locate places, environments and landscapes using a variety of resources
° recognise distinctive physical features of environments, and identify the similarities and differences between Argentina and Wales

° show awareness of some religious and non-religious world views about the natural world, including about the origins of the natural world
° express their feelings about the natural world.


Expressive arts:
The children will be learning a song, composing music for an Argentinian folk dance and exploring Argentinian art of printing and tie dying. In dance they will be learning the art of folk dance inspired by the culture of Argentina. They will also be experiencing:
° stimuli that inspire and enthuse them to explore, discover and question, and that spark their curiosity and imagination
° a range of elements, forms, styles, genres and creative texts from different times and cultures through art, dance, drama, film and digital media, and music including those from their community, Wales and the wider world
° a range of creative tools and technologies, resources and materials


Science & Technology:
They will be learning about:
° the main organs of the human body, teeth and decay.
° The benefits of healthy eating and exercise

They will continue to develop their investigational skills, using a variety of scientific equipment, including ICT to explain and conclude what they have discovered in this topic of "The Rugby World Cup". We will also be looking at the safety issues surrounding use of ICT in school and at home. All other lessons will deliver new skills and application of ICT skills to record/present/research/reflect in other curriculum areas. In the design and technology aspect our main focus will be on making musical instruments.


Health & Wellbeing
The children will be given :
° opportunities to practise strategies that they have developed to support their physical health and well-being
° opportunities to choose, prepare and eat a range of foods that can support a healthy balanced diet
° outdoor learning to support physical health and well-being
° a range of ongoing, daily opportunities to be physically active
° opportunities to be physically active in a variety of environments
° a range of physical activities through fun and engaging approaches to learning.
PE days
Year 4 will be having:
Games on Mondays and PE on every other Friday..
PE kits must be brought in to school and left. These will be sent home every half term. Your child will need:
Jogging bottoms for outside games

Spellings for Fri 6th Dec