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Pontnewydd Primary School

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National Tests Years 2 - 6

National Reading & Numeracy Tests/Profion Darllen a Rhifedd Cenedlaethol

Children in Years 2 to 9 now take national tests in reading and numeracy each summer. It is important that your child is in school to take the tests. The testing period begins 7th May - 14th May 2019.

Reading: The reading tests consist of short questions based on two or more texts. Some of the questions check how well the text has been understood, others aim to find out if children are able to make judgements about what they are reading.

Numeracy: There are two kinds of numeracy tests. The procedural test measures skills in number, measuring and data skills.

The reasoning test measures how well children can use what they know to solve everyday problems.

All children in Year 2-6 have been covering the necessary skills and work to help them complete these tests. Previously all tests were paper copies. Administered in small groups in year 2 and 3 and then as whole classes in year 4, 5 and 6. This year one of the papers - procedural is going to be administered online using the children's HWB accounts.

The other paper of reading and reasoning in Maths will be for this the same as paper copies.

In the next few years, the tests will be termed as Online Personalised Assessments and these will be phased in over a three-year period as part of the Welsh Government Tests for pupils in Years 2 to 9. In 2019, procedural and 2020 an additional paper added online before all 3 papers carried out online through Hwb. (Educational Platform - Hwb).

Additional Information: Pupils are well prepared and do not have to carry out any revision. All work has been taught in class, although, there are materials for you to use to at home if you so wish. Please see below for links. Additional Learning Needs pupils will be given appropriate support and guidance for the tests; which could include extension of times and will be pre-arranged by their teacher/school.

The results, which should be available in Summer Term, will be sent out along with their annual school reports.

Links to some helpful information/resources can be found in our 'Links' section.