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Screen Time during Summer Holidays

Today, technology can be found in the home and in the classroom. As a parent or carer, you can help your child find balance in technology use and ensure a healthier childhood.


Questions to consider: - Are your children binge-watching episodes? - Are your children throwing tantrums when you take away their devices? - Are your children sleeping with devices? - Do your children prefer electronic devices and games over more traditional games?


A few ideas to help you balance screen time in your home:

1. Create a screen time chart or log so that you can see exactly how the time is spent. 2. Sit down with your child and explain why it's important to balance screen time. 3. Ask your child for ideas to help reduce `negative' screen time and increase `positive' screen time (educative, video chatting with relatives, etc). 4. Allow your child to create some alternative fun activities to replace some of the screen time. 5. Examine your own screen time behaviour and if necessary, try to reduce your screen time in exchange for more quality family time. 6. Read through a sample family media agreement from Common Sense Media or Childnet and adapt the agreement for your family. 7. Periodically check that your family is still following the rules. 8. Be flexible and adapt up or down depending on your needs.


Looking for more ideas on screen balance or online safety? See the attached information and guidance to help ensure a healthy lifestyle.