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Pontnewydd Primary School

Meithrin, Ysbrydoli, CyflawniNurture, Inspire, Achieve


Dosbarth Abercraf


Dear Parents and carers,

Blwydden Newydd Dda to you all and welcome back. This term our whole school topic is Cynefin, (which means belonging in welsh). Last term, in year 2, we asked the children what they would like to learn about. We have used their responses as a starting point for our planning. As a result, all our learning this term will be centered around what the children want to learn and under the mini-topic of Castles, Knights and Dragons.


In Mathematical development we will be learning:

To use Place Value 

Finding fractions - halves and quarters of shapes and amounts 

Shape - 2d and 3D properties

Time reading and telling the time using an analogue and digital clock to o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to.


Data handling - collecting, recording, and interpreting data in tables and bar charts. 


In Language Literacy and Communication we will be :

Learning about Welsh fairy tales, myths and legends.

Writing our own fairy tales, myths or legends. 

Learning about instructional writing for recipes

Focusing on a range of punctuation - capital letters, full stops, speech marks, exclamation marks and question marks. 

Using a variety of strategies for reading including phonics (sound talking it) looking for cues, (looking at the pictures) segmenting and blending (breaking the word down into chunks and rebuilding) developing our speaking and listening skills in both English and Welsh. 

Recapping on Welsh colours and numbers. 

Learning to answer oes da ti? And answering using oes/nag oes and does dim. 


In Humanities we will be:

Buildings through the ages

Researching different castle types

Learning about the people that lived there

Learning about the Welsh Princes

Learning about religious leaders eg Noah, Mohammed and St David


In Science and Technology we will be:

Learning about different materials and their properties

Learning about materials and their uses in everyday life

Designing and making shields


In Health and Wellbeing we will be:

Learning about relationships-friendships, what makes a good friend?

Part of a pilot project learning with the Year 6 children how to take risks in a safe way.

Practising mindfulness

Learning different poses in Mini-Me yoga


In Expressive Arts we will be :

Part of an Arts Council for Wales project looking at developing creativity across all areas including, dance, art and music.

Learning some traditional Welsh Country Dances


As you can see we have a very exciting term planned using the childrens ideas as a starting point. We also hope to visit some welsh castles as part of our topic. Please can you make sure that you fill in the form giving your input into what your children learn about too.


As always we are here to help and support you and your children. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.

Mrs Maloney, Mrs Hall, Mrs Havelot, Miss Angel-Farmer & Mrs Pullin




Croeso I Dosbarth Abercraf

Here you will find out what we are up to in class and will be able to see important updates and messages :)



Please provide us with a healthy snack, so that we can enjoy it during break-time. Please note we are a nut-free school. 



We will be having PE and Well-being lessons every Tuesday and Wednesday. Please can you make sure your child attends school wearing their PE kit. 


Reading books 

Please send your child’s reading book in each day. 


Spellings will be given out on a Friday and tested the following Friday. 

Click the document below to access our Curriculum Letter where you can find out all the exciting things we are going to be doing each term!


If you have any questions or queries then please contact me on Class Dojo!

Diolch yn fawr,
Miss Angel-Farmer 


Below is a link to the HWB website where you can access J2easy, J2Blast and Google classroom. Diolch :)